Navigating Hotel Tipping: Your Essential Guide

Traveling is an adventure filled with unique experiences and unexpected moments. However, one aspect of your journey that should remain straightforward is understanding hotel tipping etiquette. In this post, we’ll unpack expert recommendations for tipping while staying at hotels. These guidelines aim to equip you with the knowledge to express your gratitude to hotel staff in a manner that is both considerate and fitting.

We’ll cover various scenarios, from the standard tipping for housekeeping to more nuanced situations like dealing with exceptional butler service or a helpful concierge. It’s important to remember that tipping is not just a financial gesture; it’s a recognition of the hard work and dedication of the individuals who enhance your travel experience. As we go through these tips, we’ll highlight how tipping practices can vary depending on the location and the level of service provided. Whether you’re staying at a modest inn or a luxurious resort, our guide will help ensure your tipping is on point, adding a touch of grace and thoughtfulness to your travels


  1. Housekeeping: Place tips in a visible spot, like the bed or dresser. Consider $2-3 per day, more for luxury hotels.
  2. Mess Factor: Adjust your tip based on any extra cleaning required.
  3. Room Occupancy: Increase tips for more occupants.
  4. Valet Service: Typically, $3-5 after retrieving your vehicle.
  5. Bellmen: $1-$2 per bag, more for larger groups or exceptional service.
  6. Butler Service: $25-$75 per day, adjusted to service level.
  7. Shuttle Drivers: $5 per person, plus more for baggage.
  8. Concierge Services: Tip for complex requests, up to $100 for extraordinary tasks.
  9. Doorman Services: Tips for additional services like hailing cabs or handling bags.
  10. Room Service: Check for service charges; if none, 15%-20% is customary.

Tipping is a personal decision and can vary greatly depending on the country and cultural norms. Always consider local customs to ensure your gestures of gratitude are well-received.

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