Welcome to Greece

The Greek islands are a great place to go for a holiday, with beautiful beaches and picturesque villages. The climate is generally warm all year round but can get very hot in the summer. There are also plenty of things to enjoy, from ancient ruins to modern art galleries. You’ll learn firsthand about the history, mythology, art, and literature that made Greek culture famous worldwide.

Popular cities and towns in Greece

Greece will amaze you with its beautiful cities and islands. Here we will mention five places that should be a mandatory stop on your trip; in most of them, you can do archaeological tours, visit famous islands and see fascinating destinations.


The capital of Greece is a mandatory stop, as it is the oldest capital in Europe and the largest city in Greece. Its history dates back 3,400 years. If you love history, this city is perfect; you will learn more about the history of Ancient Greece. 


It is the second-largest city, and its cultural legacy is undeniable. It has a vibrant culture through festivals held throughout the year. Besides that, its architecture will make you feel in the past with some of its Roman ruins, Ottoman buildings, and charming churches.


It is known as the port of Athens. However, it is one of the main cities in Greece. You can take a walk through this famous port, which you can use to leave for the Greek islands. You can also enjoy good cafés and restaurants with their local cuisine and find the best hotels.


It is a Greek island much sought after by tourists for its tranquility and cobbled streets. There are almost no motor vehicles here, so you will have to discover it on foot, on a donkey, or by bike. This will allow you to see the traditional houses among the narrow streets full of life.


his island inspired the epic adventures Homer described and has been linked to Greek mythology since its beginnings, as are the stories of the sea god Poseidon. Its green and beautiful landscapes give tranquility to anyone visiting this unique corner of Greece.

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